Defining content experience

A content experience is a digital expression of your brand’s message that's engaging, digestible, highly visual, and bespoke for today's digital consumers through interactivity and cross-device operability.

But they’re also more than individual assets. The larger content experience refers to a company's repertoire of interactive material designed to draw buyers through the customer journey. Each piece provides intelligent audience insights that allow the company to orchestrate and optimize the ongoing customer experience as a whole.

Designed for human buyers

Content experiences can incorporate interactive video, chat, and other technologies that make human interaction intuitive. They integrate with your martech stack allowing for tailored, timely follow-up based on reader preferences and topics of interest. This makes the handover from marketing to sales or customer success a natural continuation of the journey instead of an awkward interruption.

At the heart of content, experience is the understanding that — even in the B2B world — brands are ultimately communicating with humans. In order to be effective, they must put the needs and behaviors of the buyer first. The unique linear format and interactivity lend towards securing both attention and retention, and the audience insights provided allow brands to fine-tune and modify their experiences in real-time.

Content experiences for today's B2B buyers

Cross-device and responsive

Interactive and engaging

Linear and storylike


Intelligent, providing insights

Integrated with martech stack

Created quickly and on-brand

Spanning the customer journey


believe that interactive content is more effective than static content in educating the buyer.

­­­­- Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey, Demand Metric

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