Getting to the root of internal bottlenecks

As the importance of content has grown for prospects, so too has demand within the company. According to the results of the 2019 Content Marketing For Demand Generation Survey, 63 percent of B2B respondents reported not having enough content to meet demand. Part of the challenge can often be just getting the content out the door. With time-consuming structural parameters, style guidelines, design requirements, and approval cycles to follow, producing content takes time.

But salespeople don’t want to wait. A salesperson with a promising lead wants to get the perfect article or white paper to them that same day. Most want bespoke content that addresses their prospects’ immediate needs, and they want it fast — without waiting for marketers, designers, and agencies to follow their time-consuming protocols. They are motivated to engage their prospect at exactly the right moment along their customer journey, with precisely the content they believe is critical to moving them along the sales funnel.

The inability of sales and marketing departments to collaborate and work together towards common goals — including the timely generation of content — has resulted in an estimated $1 trillion in lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budgets. No wonder companies are desperate for answers.

$1 trillion

in lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budgets

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