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One of the best parts about introducing Foleon to your company is the efficiency gains you’ll realize in your day-to-day work life. Once your content bottlenecks are all but removed, you can begin to make other improvements to better match your offerings to your customer’s buying journey. Here are just a few examples.

Increased mobile content

Expecting your prospects to “pinch and zoom” their way through a lengthy piece of content on a mobile phone is no way to attract business. With the greater interactivity afforded by Foleon, you can begin to offer responsive content experiences that are far easier to navigate and digest than older legacy formats.

Greater Interactivity

Who doesn’t love interactivity? Clicking on graphics and watching videos can be just as entertaining for your buyer as they would be for a child, while educating them to boot! Interactive content holds your audience’s attention and stands head-and-shoulders above static PDFs and other files. You have just moments to grab your audience’s attention and your content needs to be memorable enough to move them to act.

Better Analytics

As you move into new forms of content delivery, the ability to extract useful data from your content program will only increase. Once you begin introducing more new forms of content, you will have the capability to track page-by-page results. For a given white paper or eBook, for example, you will be able to quickly determine what pages draw the most visitors and conversions — as well as those that lead to higher exits and bounce rates.

Improved Content

With greater empowerment of content generation comes more time to plan, organize, and curate your company’s content. You can work towards a better understanding of your company’s unique sales funnel and match your content more closely to each prospect’s needs, whether they are just gaining awareness of your company, considering your products closely, or in the final decision-making stage.

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