Executive summary

Step your lead generation game up a notch by increasing not only lead volume but also quality.

A lack of interactive, engaging, and measurable content experiences results in low ROI.

The inability to qualify leads based on their engagement after downloading your content leaves you blind and spending money in the wrong places.

It’s time to transform your lead generation assets into interactive content experiences that are highly engaging, fully intelligent, and easy to govern.

Smart lead generation allows you to boost conversions, identify highly engaged leads faster, spend your time wisely and maximize your budget. By leveraging the right data, the right way, engagement analytics can uncover a wealth of insights.

Approaches to lead gen

Traditional business-driven vs Modern audience-driven

Traditional business-driven

Dead-end content, campaign silos

Generic, one-size-fits-all content

Experiences static, passive content

Assuming trust, gating upfront

Forgetting most paid traffic is mobile: excluding readers

Optimizing for the wrong outcomes: leads

Not tracking beyond the form: no reader insights

No integration with CRM

No version control

Modern audience-driven

✔︎ Lifecycle campaigns, integrated journeys

✔︎ Targeted, segmented, and tailored

✔︎ Interactive content experience

✔︎ Earning trust, mid-gating, and public

✔︎ Maximize reach

✔︎ Engaged leads

✔︎ Track user behavior

✔︎ Enable marketing automation

✔︎ Always stay up to date

Ready to grow lead volumes?

In the first chapter we will describe the content trends in an ever changing B2B landscape.