Chapter 2

What's damaging your lead generation efforts?

The rising competition between businesses and the changing media landscape means traditional marketing methods that businesses have long relied on are not nearly as effective.

In a data-driven market, traditional content assets fail to fulfil the needs of both buyers and businesses.

With that in mind, it’s safe to state that understanding the needs of your buyer must have the highest priority in order to maximize your ROI on lead generation.

You depend on data to continually optimize your lead generation efforts.

The inability to qualify leads based on their engagement after downloading your content leaves you blind and spending money in the wrong places.

Imagine separating hot leads from cold ones based on engagement inside your gated white papers and eBooks, and automatically sending the highly engaged ones directly to your sales team.

In order to analyze what’s damaging your lead generation efforts, you should also understand the needs from the business and marketer’s perspective.

In the matrix below we have highlighted the current trends in the ever changing B2B landscape.


Higher Expectations, Personalization

Lack of Trust, Skeptical by Default, Show Vs. Tell

Purchase Based on Experiences, rather than product/price

Mobile-First, Micro-Moments, On-the-Go, Multi-Channel, Content


Snackable, Visual, Rich-Media

Content Overwhelm, Low Attention Spans & Less Time

Access to Info, Prefer Self-Diagnosis

& 3rd Party Research prior

to Sales


Digital Transformation & CX

Shift from Business-Centric

to Customer-Centric

More Members of the Buying Committee

Longer Sales Cycles due to Accountability & Budgets

Misalignment b/w Marketing

& Sales

Marketing Bottlenecks: Strategists, Creatives & Developers

Big Data, Little Insight: Analysis Paralysis & Lack of Actionable



Growing Scope, Channels & Functional Responsibility

Demand for Impact, Transparency & Accountability

Tightened Budgets & Scarce resources-Forced to do more with less

Tactical Overload: Shiny Object Syndrome Hacks & ‘Best Practices’

Record Levels for In-Demand, High-Performing Content

Operational Challenges with Scaling Results, Quantity & Quality

Measurement, ROI & Attribution in a multi-touch, multi-channel world

In the next chapter, we’ll talk about how you can transform your business communication and offer an engaging omnichannel content experience.