Foleon's Content Creation Platform can be your

competitive advantage

Whether for brand awareness, demand generation, buyer enablement, account-based marketing, onboarding, or advocacy — it's content that fuels every phase of the customer journey, content that drives engagement, and content that keeps your audience connected.

With Foleon, brands can transform their entire customer journey into a consistent, interconnected content experience that drives bottom-line results.

Produce content that's engaging

Reaching today’s B2B buyers requires more than it used to. Foleon content experiences are interactive, engaging, responsive, and highly effective at producing a memorable impact in a world full of digital noise.

So, don't just communicate your message: let your audience experience it. Using rich media and interactivity, content experiences have the power to activate readers and inspire brand affinity.

Their unique format increases retention and leaves viewers with a lasting impression.

Gather the insights you need

Data is only as valuable as the business decisions it informs. That’s why Foleon content experiences provide a whole new way of gathering actionable insight.

While PDFs and other legacy formats cannot be measured or tracked beyond mere downloads, Foleon lets you leverage the power of modern analytics inside all your business content. Tie together insights from every customer touchpoint and gather the intelligence you need to optimize the whole experience.

Increase content velocity

Foleon allows any customer-facing team to create high-quality, engaging content while meeting the most stringent company requirements. With professionally designed, fully customizable templates and intuitive drag & drop editor, everyone can be a pro designer and create remarkable content experiences at a rapid pace.

Foleon's content creation platform provides sophisticated creative capabilities while reducing the complexity around design, security, and content governance, enabling your teams to get more done, faster.