What might appear to be an intimidating new B2B sales world shouldn’t be feared.

If it were filled with mysterious trends and random swings of direction that would be scary, but the issues faced by marketing and sales teams can be explained, and solutions exist. In order to help increase buyer enablement, companies need to invest in a content strategy that connects sales teams with dynamic marketing assets that will help close deals and drive core business. These assets must include content that is media-rich and engaging, interactive, and embedded with modern analytics that can make customers' future experience as pain-free and worthwhile as possible. Furthermore, a content marketing platform that allows sales teams to create bespoke content themselves by tailoring existing content blocks and templates, using a drag and drop interface, empowers companies to bypass costly content bottlenecks and quickly create what's needed. Remember, sales are hard but buying is harder, and good content can make the process a whole lot smoother.