A New, largely online buying process calls for a new approach to content

The shift from sales enablement to buyer enablement is almost complete.

Sales enablement has long been viewed as the discipline of boosting sales results by providing consistent, scalable services that customer-facing professionals can use to add value to their customer interactions. But as technology has advanced and B2B buyer’s habits have evolved, the concept of sales enablement has begun to blur.

No longer is the main focus on supporting the sales team with services and insight; there is now a recognition that there must be significant attention to enabling the buyer by predicting their needs and tailoring their purchasing experience accordingly.

The changes to B2B buying are immense: 70% of the buying process is now done online, putting a premium on content that engages the buyer and delivers them tactical value that can drive a purchase, whenever they might need it.

With so much work happening before a buyer even engages with a salesperson, the information crunch can be a crippling factor that can choke off many sales before they get completed.

And yet buyer enablement is more than trying to guess what type of data will sway them or providing content that looks pretty. Buyer enablement is recognizing the fundamental shifts in how B2B consumers approach purchasing, and crafting a cohesive experience for them that respects these shifts, appreciates the difficulty in being a modern buyer, and eases the pain points of their journey.


of the buying process is now done online

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