What about quality?

Just because more people in the company can deliver content, it doesn’t mean that quality will suffer.

Foleon includes a wealth of features that maintain your company’s brand standards while facilitating content production. Here are some of the platform’s key benefits:

Customizable templates

Templates and theme controls allow users to create content that incorporates your unique brand image, eliminating the need to custom-design each piece.

Drag-and-drop editing

Allow every user to perfect their content, making it responsive and on-brand without the need for professional graphics experts.

Tailored content

Create a more bespoke content experience by adding dynamic content to your text elements.

Security features

Ensure that only the most capable, pre-selected individuals are allowed to publish, preserving your content integrity.

Analytical capabilities

Rich audience insights help you understand content performance so you can double down on what works and apply learnings to the next step of the journey.


Integrate with existing systems, so you can pull in existing information and assets from your CRM and DAM, use embedded forms from your marketing automation platforms, and more.

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