New buyer habits require new approaches

Today's B2B buyers are identifying and diagnosing their own problems, exploring and prescribing their own solutions, building requirements and product shortlists to match — all on their own terms, before ever speaking to sales.

As a result, it has never been more critical for businesses to provide engaging content for every stage of the customer journey.

Content budgets continue to increase as high-performance content proves integral for every leading strategy. Whether for thought leadership, demand generation, account-based marketing, or buyer enablement — content, now more than ever, is the driving force.

But with the overwhelming surge of new content and the waning attention spans of today’s buyers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to demonstrate compelling results. Achieving engagement and positive ROI continues to be a challenge, year over year.

Luckily, there exists a sizable opportunity to stand out, increase engagement, achieve greater differentiation, and drive more conversions by transforming your traditional static content into interactive content experiences.

“Close to 70% of the Buyer’s Journey is completed before a prospect ever reaches out to sales.”

- SiriusDecisions

“The cacophony of content has become deafening - it's asymtotically impossible to break through the noise with one more white paper, infographic, webinar or eBook.”

- Scott Brinker Editor, Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

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